Fundraising Event Ideas

Celebrate Years in Business + Dog Years!

Pupster Plunge – Meet at one of the Coves or Beaches as a fundraiser for program invite everyone (prizes for best dressed or most patriotic)

Freedom Fetch – like ice bucket challenge, have people post on Facebook a picture or video of their dog playing fetch and make a donation with it. Call out someone else.

Unleashed – Pups in the Park –

Hero Tags – Paper Dog Tag fundraiser like MDA Shamrock and Children’s Miracle Network Baloon.

Putts for Patriots – Putts for Pups – Golf Outing

Dog Days of Summer Campaign – Have various Companies donate 10% of their sales to C2H

Salute to Service and Service Dogs – Boots & Paws Salute – Dinner, Ball or other event

Faces of Freedom/Salute Shoot/Aim High – Pet Photography Photo Shoot – with sales donation to C2H

Vet-Togethers/Vet-Connect – Get togethers where Veterans can connect and learn more about the program and speak to other Vets

Freedom Rally Ride – Motorcycle Benefit Rides

Make a Whale of a Difference or Whale of a Good Cause – Whale Watches for the month are donated to C2H

PetCo for Patriots – Partner with Petco for fundraiser???

Slice of Life Salute or Patriot Pizza – Get with a Pizza shop and % donated to C2H

Patriots in the Park – Eat in the Ruff – Clambake – Woodman’s Picnic Fundraiser Celebration

(Valentines Day-February) Unconditional Love Letters – Post a Love Note to your Dog – for every note ???? will donate $5 up to $500 “To my Biggest Hero, Sergeant Rey, you were saving lives as an IED Detection Dog with the US Marine Corps, long before I met you. WHAT I COULD NOT VERBALIZE TO ANYONE, YOU SENSED IT

The war changed us both, it took me to many dark places, where I was lost and had no purpose, just blank and unfeeling, it was not a life worth living. What I could not verbalize or explain to anyone, you sensed it. Your unconditional love and understanding was able to reach deep into my heart and soul and find me. You saved me with your love and helped me rise above myself and I am eternally grateful.   We both proudly served, but you continue the mission and gladly serve by my side. I cannot imagine life without you. I love so many things about you: your big stinky paws, your graying face, your velvet soft ears and coat, your amazing brown eyes, your incessant licking and kisses, your exuberance every second of every day when you are with me wondering when we will play Frisbee or fetch or where our next adventure will be. I even love how when we are out and about at different places, you are the one everyone wants to talk to – they don’t even know how special you really are and how much of a true patriot and hero you are. I laugh knowing that you have a better social life than me and I don’t even mind that most people remember your name more than mine. Your love keeps me safe, and steady, and you are always by my side. You have my heart and my soul forever and for that I will be ALWAYS FAITHFUL! (Semper Fidelis) “

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